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The United Nations convention on Economic, Social and Cultural rights stipulates that the right to health is a fundamental one for everybody. Adolescents have the same rights to good health and wellbeing. United Nations Population Fund –UNFPA estimates that less than 15% young people have had access to comprehensive sexual education in Cameroon. The most needed asset for development is good health and wellbeing. Sexual reproductive health rights are a major clause on the 3rd SDG. Owing to the fact that adolescents (10-19 years) make up over 60% of the Cameroonian population, also the nation’s development agenda by 2035 makes investing in the wellbeing of the adolescents a dire need. The upsurge in teenage pregnancy not only guarantees continuity in the cycle of poverty, school dropout, hunger, and stunted economic growth, but also explains why the number one infectious reason for mortality among young people in sub-Saharan Africa is HIV/AIDS. Adolescents also have not been spared the snare of non-communicable diseases. For decades now, adolescent health care in general has received very little attention from both international and national public health strategies. This is the reason why Youth2Youth is here.

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The impact we have brought to our locality in this short while.

Our Strategies

We are a youth led organization with the sole objective of improving adolescent healthcare in Cameroon. TO better impact our environment we have set strategies that permit us to better implement our thematic focus.

  • Community Information

    We are involved in community information dissemination via national/local radios, TV channels.

  • School Outreaches

    We have school outreaches that educate the youth on their health related issues.

  • Social Media Communication

    We use social media and technology to inform the youth on their health rights.

  • OutDoor Events

    We organize outdoor events that target the youth and talk with them on one on one basis.

Meet Our Team

We work together as a team to provide the best services to adolescent youths in Cameroon.


Ngong Jacqueline Shaka


Ngong Justin Chee


Wacha Rosevelt Wacha

Recent Blog

So as to keep our activities ongoing, we always get together and organise events.

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  • 11 February, 2019

Youth Day Celebration Yaounde

We engage in a general youth sensitisation campaign where we shared over one thouands flyers to the denizens of Yaounde to let them be aware of sexual education, our services and much more.

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Youth2Youth Now has a Youth Corner in Bamenda.

After an engagement with the youths, we came to realsie that youths wanted a lot of private environment before they could expose their health issues.

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Youth 2 Youth holdes monthly meetings.

On a monthly basis, we hold our general assembly sessions where we refocus ourselves on our objectives and current goals. These are always fun-filled.

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