Talking about the very first public event of Youth2Youth!!!

On the 11-02-2019 during the National Youth Day in Cameroon, Youth2Youth decided to reach out to secondary school students with 1000+flyers that contained concise youth friendly information on modern methods of family planning, the methods that young people can benefit from, their advantages and where these could be found!! These flyers were in both french and english. The youth we met were very much happy and the entire event was a big success!! Stay with us even as we craft newer youth friendly methods of advocating for adolescent sexual reproductive health rights and more
We stand with the adolescents/youth to say THE WORLD IS OURS!!

MERCK Foundation 2019 .

Hey friends, Y2Y was present and played an active role during the MERCK Foundation 2019 Luminary in Accra from the 29-30th October. This Luminary was attended by the President of Ghana, co-chaired by the First Lady of Ghana, with over 10 First Ladies, more than 15 Ministers and over 1000 scientists. Remember as an organization, one of our thematic focuses is to fight against non-communicable diseases among adolescents in Cameroon. Our Founder and CEO (Dr. Jackie) is a MERCK Foundation Cardiovascular Alumnus, and also the Alumni Lead for French-Speaking Africa. She was a member of the scientific Committee and also a speaker at this conference. Together with world-class scientists from across the globe, she contributed and learned new ways of Cardiovascular disease prevention! As an organization, we are proud of this stride and we are more determined to continue the fight against Cardiovascular diseases in Cameroon.

HealthFair Guzang

Yassssss!!!!!!!!!! Just few days from our first anniversary, we decided to round up our year in a grand style. In partnership with the Awom Development Association, Youth-2-Youth and the friends of Y2Y organized a health fair in Guzang on Saturday the 18th of January 2020. We had a dynamic team of 12 youth-leaders made up of; 5 Medical Doctors, 5 laboratory scientists, a Pharmacist and a nurse. With 8 more healthcare volunteers from this community (making a total of 20 healthcare providers), we effectively reached over 500 men, women, children and adolescents. The fair started with two health talks. The first was on the prevention and the management of diabetes and hypertension delivered by dynamic Dr Didien (consultant with Doctors Without Borders in the NWR) and the second talk was on Family Planning and SRHR from Dr Jackie (the Founder and coordinator of Y2Y). Not only did we educate these adolescents on FP, but we also empowered mothers and fathers on how to effectively engage their children on sexual and reproductive health and did distribute 1000 condoms. This was truly an amazing experience of bearing enormous risk to reach out to those who are in great need! As we turn 1+, we look forward to doing even more for our youth and adolescents. We are out for a disruptive narrative for the wellbeing of our adolescents. #DisruptingforChange#

She Decides Day 2020

Have you ever imagined a world where girls and women have the opportunity to access unbiased information on their health? An environment where they can choose when to marry, who to love, when to love, which career option to pursue, when to conceive, which family planning method to use, what to study and so much more? Y2Y in commemoration of #SheDecidesDay2020 and the International Women’s Week, presented a friendly talk on CRTV Bamenda on this subject. We re-affirm our devotion in contributing to create the #NewNormal for girls and women in our society. It’s time to Right the wrongs!!

Youth2Youth Is A Year Old Today

Hey guys……….It has been an incredible journey! It all started as a joke but here we are. In just one year, we have fully engaged 3000+ adolescents in person and have reached 15000+ people online. In one year, we have initiated community dialogues on youth and sexuality, empowered healthcare providers to be more youth-friendly, launched a youth-friendly corner, provided Family planning services and information to hundreds of vulnerable youth within the North West Region and beyond….. and so much more!
On such a memorable day, we fully commit ourselves to doing more for our girls and boys. We are here for a positive disruptive change and we will reach the unreachable, providing for the information and services to make informed choices!
Many thanks to our friends, partners and wellwishers and cheers to our incredible volunteers Happy First Anniversary to us!!! You can reach out and be a part of what we do.”
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